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About Me

I am a Computer Science PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill interested in using computation and art to understand, create, and enable novel graphics and visualizations. I am particulary interested in health care applications.


My Story

Independent projects combining art and technology sparked my interest in research and computer graphics. Recognizing the tediousness of drawing by hand, I was interested in using computer science as a creative medium to synthesize dense geometric details quickly and create intricate art modeling nature. So, I used procedural modeling with L-systems to randomly generate tree silhouettes, and explored Voronoi partitions and Delaunay triangulations through class projects. With each iteration of my projects, I enjoyed writing more efficient programs with improved geometric complexity by learning recursive algorithms with increased optimization. Research projects such as Undercovering the Hidden Half of Plants and Storyworld Explorer confirmed my interests in interdisciplinary collaboration and visual communication. 

For my current research assistant position, I am the student leader and coordinator collaborating with computer science faculty and a team of graduate students on the Parkinson's Project —a 5-year project funded by the NIH. The research team includes experts in computer graphics, computer vision, human-robot interaction, data visualization, and neurophysical therapy for Parkinson's rehabilitation. The project uses augmented reality eyeglasses to enhance clinical visits between the patient and the clinician, enhance a patient's exercise at home, and help clinicians monitor activities of daily living. 

Given my ten-year-long experience in traditional and digital painting and animation, paired with my math and liberal arts background, my work combines the expressiveness of art and the precision of technology to create more opportunities for  scientific discovery and improved healthcare

In addition to computer science research, I paint in Adobe Photoshop to create digital illustrations. In addition to independently learning various softwares and art techniques, I studied figure drawing, painting, and animation through courses at various institutions such as Otis College of Art and Design, Carnegie Mellon University, and Carleton College.



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